Limo Web Sites Luxury Airport Transportation

Automotive Luxury provides Luxury Airport Transportation. It is one of the
many services available from ALS.

As an FYI, an awful lot of back office operation goes into the ability to provide that reliable service.

Recently a prospective client made a big decision to come and see the Automotive Limo office and staff. He had a fairly large group of CEO’s coming in to the city and wanted to make sure that the smoke and mirrors that many operations project on their website was not what happened at ALS.

So he crossed over to the West Side, climbed a few stairs at our Hell’s Kitchen, new, mezzanine level office and took a look around. Then he laid out his spreadsheets on the conference room table and must have liked what he heard and saw from our transportation managers.

A relatively small, clean, quiet operation, no screaming and yelling (guess it was a good day!!) and it didn’t take long before the deal was made.

What he told management, gave Automotive Luxury valuable feedback. Not a lot of glitz and flash – also what he liked, about the Automotive Website.

Straight talk and real people with transportation knowledge and intelligence.

Must not always be what’s seen and heard from a lot of the Limo businesses!

They didn’t want to put all their eggs in the big limo companies basket.
As he said, Automotive looked like they’d go the extra mile to make things work 150%.

So as you know, there are plenty of places to shop for a Limo service in New York City and the Metropolitan Tri-State car service / business corridor. Yet, his business chose Automotive Luxury, based on what he saw on the internet and what he saw at the Automotive office.

You can’t make these things up!

So if you’re looking for glitz and pomp with circumstance, ALS may not be what you’ re looking for.

Thankfully some people can recognize the real deal when they see it.

But if you’d like to come and visit Automotive Luxury, just call Automotive Luxury and set up a meeting.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service