Project Management in the real world

Project Management and Automotive Luxury Service

Large Projects-Road Shows-Group Travel-NYC-Manhattan-The Big Apple? Call it whatever you want. Automotive/NYC/Manhattan/Limos/Car Service/ it’s all the same to Automotive Luxury.

Just a little background about Automotive Luxury Limos’ capabilities involving large group moves and project management.

For many years we handled the Heisman Trophy Account for Wendy’s International and the Downtown Athletic Club. This link will tell you what happened sadly to the trophy and the DAC.

Putting together a project of that magnitude entailed quite a bit of work. Flight schedules, client pairings, itineraries re-checked for accuracy, along with last minute changes, missed flights and broken connections – needed knowledgeable manipulating. The kind of expertise that separates “real” transportation companies from “back-office” cab operations.

Back then “spread-sheets” were faxed to Automotive! That’s how long ALS has been doing this. Way back!

A little more recently, business travelers from Latin America, Africa, and many European countries, just to name a few, began signing on with Automotive for their NYC conference transportation requirements.

Planners seeking a reliable service to negotiate the ins & outs of the maze in NYC, for their meeting and attendees, sent ALS their travel itineraries, and were assured that their job was almost done!

Itinerary revisions, tracking and accurate travel data management is one of the Automotive strong suits.

ALS has worked with Meeting Planners from several of the Fortune 500 companies and continues to do so, even in this slow economic climate.

Our attention to detail is a cut above, they tell the managers at ALS.

It’s not all rosy in this economy, with many companies not traveling, cyber meetings, cut-backs and the soft dollar. The corporate and private travel industry, in general, has been hurt by it.

But that same detail planning and travel data management applies to Automotive’s personal travelers.If you’re looking for a company that does “big” as well as “small”, then ALS is the Limousine company for you.

Call a travel manager at Automotive Luxury Service and make a project happen………

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service