Mercedes Sprinter Executive Limo

Travel in super style. If you want to impress up to 7 passengers look no further. The Mercedes Sprinter Executive Limo will impress any client or vendor. A luxury outing or even a simple trip to the airport in this vehicle will make you feel like an A-List Celebrity.

Equipped with:

  • Two HD TV’s with full entertainment systems
  • Luxury Transportation for a a group of Seven passengers with four swiveling captain’s chairs plus lateral side seating accommodates 3 additional passengers
  • An separate luggage compartment stores all your luggage, golf clubs, and other valuables safely secured so you can keep the cabin free of clutter to enjoy your adventure.
  • The Driver Partition can be electronically controlled so you can include your driver in a conversation or conduct private and confidential meetings during your journey.
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van is perfect airport transportation when traveling with 7 passengers with lots of luggage.  Keep in mind that the Lincoln and Chrysler Limos have a much smaller trunk than the Sprinter. Any other vehicle could mean you’ll need to keep luggage with you in the vehicle when traveling with groups of seven or more.Mercedes Sprinter Executive Limo
Equipped with Two  TV’s,  Four  Swiveling Captain’s Chairs,
large luggage compartment and electric driver partition.
Luxury Transportation for a a group of  7 to 14 passenger configurations available.
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Perfect for the airport, remember the Lincoln and Chrysler Stretch Limos have the same size trunk as the sedan they started out being built. That means luggage in the car with you when groups of seven or more travel.
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