Customer is always right (or make a left?)

Years ago, drivers were really GPS experts via their Map collection. In today’s world the maps are all in a small box attached to the dashboard, read to the driver by a strange voice-a new relationship but how smart is that lady in the box?

The Narrow Williamsburg Bridge

At Automotive Luxury Service we believe that the “right way” to go, may not be- the way the lady- who reads the GPS maps, says to go! We hear it all the time-why did the driver go that way?” I don’t like the FDR, the (insert which one) Bridge is way out of the way, Second Avenue!-not at that time”, etc.

Afraid of tunnels? Don’t like the narrowness of the Williamsburg Bridge?

Do you know or prefer a great route to the airport (that only a local resident knows) at rush-hour? Thru the park- around the horn- in the driveway, near the alley? If these code words mean anything to you- you’ve got the right Limousine Service with Automotive Luxury.

It is amazing how many clients suffer though the ride from hell and call after-wards to complain! We want you to be happy, our drivers are instructed to ask the route beforehand. Not because they don’t know how to go, but because you know the way- you want to go!

Have your assistant (or call yourself) tell us about your preferences-read the Wall Street Journal?-hate the NY Times! Want the Yankee game on? Whatever it is-we can have it in the car, ready for you. It’s the little things, the cars all look alike – what sets Automotive Luxury apart is your happiness and knowing we have satisfied customers that call on us repeatedly.

So if you don’t want that lady on the dashboard to decide how your trip is routed, let us know.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service