Personalized accounts meet the needs of our clients

Ensure every aspect of your chauffeured car service experience is exactly what you want and need

Automotive Luxury has built its reputation on providing customized service. Each client is able to create personalized accounts which cater to the individual and corporate needs of each client or company.
To ensure your entire travel experience is a success, each client has access to:

                  • Personal Account Representative.  Your account will be assigned to a single account representative who will handle all your needs 24 hours a day.
                  • Profiles containing pertinent client information, billing instructions and chauffeur preferences.  You run your business as you see fit – you know what’s important to you. Why shouldn’t your travel be the same?  At Automotive Luxury, you specify all your preferences for your car service and account management and you can update them at any time.  For your safety and security, all your information stays with us. We maintain all records in an extensive, robust database application that is duplicated as a backup offsite as part of our emergency contingency plan.
                  • Corporate logos on signs for easier and improved pickups.  Facilitate chauffeur and client identification.  Make a great impression on your colleagues, customers, and prospective clients – no one will represent you or your company’s image better than us.
                  • Multi-lingual chauffeurs averaging over 10 years driving experience. Many of our Chauffeurs are bilingual and can provide your party with special foreign language materials for their trip.  With an average of over ten years driving experience in a region, you can relax and know that your driver can handle any traffic condition. They undergo continuous training and testing to ensure their knowledge of the transportation route.
                  • Infant and booster child car seats. We have all sizes of child car seats and boosters available to you.  Moreover, if you need a special seat but don’t want to to drag it along on-board the plane or train with you, we will hold your child safety seat at our office for no extra charge and have it ready for you in the car upon your return.  
                  • Dedicated phone lines available to facilitate direct communication.  Have a question, a concern, a change of plans? Personalized service means we’re here for you when you need us.

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