New York Limousine Services

Have you searched for a Limo Service? Or Limousines ? Or any of the other searches involving car services and transportation in New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area?

ALS is working hard to “get the word out” as they say in the business. Selling Luxury Transportation isn’t something new for us. ALS has been in Manhattan for 30 years, over 25 of them in the same building! About a year and a half ago we moved to new environs. Not something Automotive wanted to do.

But the situation changed and ALS took advantage of it.

The option to leave New York City was enticing-the rents were high and the spaces were smaller. Suburbia beckoned, as can be seen in the many companies like ours in Long Island City and scattered outside the Island Of Manhattan.

But Automotive chose to stay, for our clients convenience: being in the city made it easier to be available with faster response times.

So ALS found a space with a garage and committed to having a
real footprint in the city; for awhile. New offices, a conference room,
and Automotive Luxury’s spiffy new home was completed and we moved in.

Come visit if you like, there’s plenty of space. See our vehicles.

If you let us know beforehand when you’re going to visit, your luxury vehicle of choice will be waiting in our garage. Close to the Javit’s Center, Penn Station and Port Authority. Convenient and centrally located.

Automotive Luxury Limo, a true New York City Limo and Car Service company.

Call ALS or better yet, come on over and see us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service