New York Taxi vs. New York Limo Service

So you ask that famous question, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?

Well if you ask a taxi driver in New York City what does he tell you? An Address maybe, if he’s in the know, but maybe not. He may not be that familiar with that venue anymore….

Ask an old time Limo driver and he’ll not only tell you the address-he’ll know the true adage-practice-practice practice. That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.

So, I went to Carnegie Hall this weekend, to see Jamie Cullum, a young pop-jazz pianist who sold out the famous hall on Saturday, June 20th. I was with four people and we could not get a cab, in the rain, anywhere near 57th Street for the five of us. That’s when an SUV would have been just the right vehicle.

I should have called Automotive Luxury and booked one of their Escalade’s or Denali’s.

But the concert tickets were a surprise from my kids, so there was no way to make an early reservation. SUV’s usually need a bit of lead time for availability, but it’s always worth a call to ALS to check the status. I should have listened to my own advice!

Now about that concert……Jamie Cullum was great, even if this guy at the NYTimes was all wrong, in my opinion.

The Hall was filled with old, young, men and women, basically all kinds of fans.
And it was full. Lots of people out on a rainy Saturday night in the summer, in the city-maybe a sign of better days ahead………………..the weather and the economy!

New York City and Carnegie Hall still at the top of their games.

As Mr. Cullum said, when he came to New York City years ago to see Wynton Marsalis play at the Village Vanguard, he never dreamed he’d one day find his way to play Carnegie Hall.

Practice, Practice, Practice- at ALS the staff is always willing to work with you.
To make sure- you get where you want to go, too.

As an aside, we had a bite to eat at the Burger Joint in the Parker Meredien Hotel lobby. Check out my review on Yelp. Not much in the way of options if you look at this menu from the place.

And check here for a list of places to get some culture infusions in New York City.

So to make an early reservation
or to make a last minute booking,
Call Automotive Luxury Limo & Car Service now.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service