New York Theater Limo

101 Productions a VIP client of Automotive Luxury was gracious enough to provide two tickets the day before the opening of the Broadway (British Import) show “Mary Start“. Wonderful production based on the Queen Elizabeth/Mary Queen Of Scots story. Tremendous acting-volumes of dialogue, powerfully delivered.

Two things that really made me wonder, why and how? – only the women are in period costume -the men (mostly Americans- speaking to my untrained ear-with perfect British accents) are all in Wall Street Banker’s suits! Figure out why or read here as to the reasoning, which after reading, makes total sense.

The other thing is the rain! It pours-gallons of actual water on stage- for at least 10 minutes. It is amazing to watch and bewildering to understand “how do they do that”. Here’s a link to the science portion explanation. Credit the guys behind the scenes on this one.

Great show-limited run- so get to Broadway with Automotive Luxury service. I must have walked by three tow trucks taking cars off the streets near the Theater. Not worth the cost or aggravation.

So, if you’re coming from out of town, I would highly recommend calling a car service or limo company. When you’re shopping around, call Automotive Luxury 212-966-6400 and don’t worry about parking or walking.

On Sunday-April 19th Automotive Luxury Limo service was proud to provide opening night transportation for the director and the show’s lead actresses in a new Escalade SUV’s.

If you want to feel like a star and get the same great service please contact Automotive LuxuryToday!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service.