Great Smartphone Apps for our Automotive Luxury Followers

As a new service that Automotive Luxury has to offer, our staff has several recommendations for cool Smartphone apps that can really help a traveler.

Visit the Automotive Luxury blog often – and as new apps catch the eyes and ears of our veteran travel staff, they’ll get posted here! We’ll concentrate on places to eat, and navigation helpers at first, but you might find out about some new apps as we find it for you!

The first one we highly recommend is Foodspotting which is a  wandering foodie’s delight. If seeing is believing and you find yourself looking for a place to eat somewhere unknown, this app has real people – taking real pictures and recommending places, all based on their/your current GPS position. 

As soon as you bring up the app, it locates where you are and within the nearby surrounding area, you’re shown what other diners are sampling. You’ll see pictures of the food and where to find it! There’s even a cross link to the map app so you can find the place easily.

Really helpful and useful.

Here’s a short video about the app.

Stay tuned for more.