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What’s Really Inside a Super Bowl Limo Service

Super Bowl Transportation

Super Bowl 2014

Automotive Luxury’s Mini Coach and Limo Bus provides some of the most stylish and luxurious vehicles in its industry. Select one of our multi-passenger Super Bowl Party Buses equipped with a 52” Plasma flat screen television, plush leather lounge-setting seating arrangement, multiple LCD monitors, several wet bars, CD/DVD/MP3 players, and privacy partitions with blinds, fiber optic lighting, strobe lighting, and a removable dancing pole. This vehicle also comes equipped with a bathroom for your convenience.

Super Bowl Limo an Party Bus

Super Bowl Limo and Party Bus

The Super Bowl Limo Service buses are designed with the use of high quality materials and hand crafted construction, makes our buses unequaled in the ground transportation industry. Pioneering our way for over 30 years in high end limo bus rental and coach bus transportation We are committed to excellence throughout our entire bus line. The outcome of our uncompromising efforts, is a product of durability, reliability, functionality, longevity and style. Automotive’s Limo Bus is the only bus provider that installs a panoramic window above the windshield for anyone in the back of the bus to enjoy. It may seem like such a small detail, but in truth, this panoramic window opens up the whole trip to the passenger. He or she won’t feel crammed into a shuttle bus with no escape. Instead, the world unfolds in front of the bus, letting everyone see the cities and passing countryside as the trip progresses. Believe it or not, this could end up being the most important feature in your new bus.

36 Passenger Party Bus

36 Passenger Party Bus

To keep the group entertained, DVD players and televisions are also installed, and iPod hookups will let the group listen to the soundtrack of their choice. Our tinted windows will let passengers see all of the city without letting wandering eyes see the bus interior. This can give your party all the same exclusiveness as a nightclub, but with the bonus of the great sights outside.

Hardwood floors add an element of celebration or elegance, making them perfect for either an executive bus or a party bus. Executives will feel like they’re in the boardroom, even as the city’s best sights and landmarks pass them by. Party-goers, on the other hand, will feel like they’re in a sophisticated venue, but with the added excitement of traveling through the city. Providing a Super Bowl Limo Service with power outlets at every seat makes it possible for business people to keep laptops and phones powered at all times, and that means they can stay productive.

Super Bowl 2014 Limo & Party Bus

Super Bowl 2014 Limo & Party Bus

Every bus we offer – you can be sure high-level professionals will appreciate that butter-soft leather even more. Wi-Fi hotspots are already on your bus. The Internet connection will allow them to stay completely connected during the trip The key factor differentiating Automotive limo & car service lies in the exceptionally competitive pricing model offered, without compromising the exceptional level of service delivered.