Taxi cabs New York City

Do you have some shopping to do in Manhattan?

Get a cab, run over to the West Side, gotta go downtown now, that little shop off of West Broadway-SoHo……..grab some dim sum over on the edge of Chinatown. Wait, that meeting on Madison Avenue is an hour earlier…….drinks in DUMBO
( way not enough time) and then meet the sales manager back on the lower East Side on Eldridge St-where the heck is that?

What did I do with the package from the first stop?
What would this cost you in a cab? Automotive Luxury Service has shopping packages-2 hours-3 hours, after hours!

Maybe you’ve heard about Woodbury Commons, try finding parking there on the weekend! Or making that ride in a cab, ouch!
The Secaucus Outlets have what you’re looking for? Ever been to the hundreds of shops in the 3 or 4 Malls in Paramus?

Automotive Luxury knows the way- we’ve taken several out-of-town groups there and plenty of local shoppers who know getting there is “not” half the fun!!!

If you’ve got places to shop but need a reasonable- safe- luxurious way to get there, without even thinking of New York Taxi Cabs as an option, call Automotive Luxury Service. We’ve got discounts on most shopping destinations…………………and we know the best route.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service.