Top Five Questions to Ask when Booking a Limo

Top Five Questions to ask When Booking a Limo

Sounds easy right? Call any limo company and they pick you up and take you where you want to go.

Easy enough to do, what can possibly happen? Will they be there? What if I can’t find the driver? What if they overcharge me?

1. How easy is it make the call and book a reservation?
Do they answer the phone or do you have to wait…wait….wait… on hold or press several buttons to access the department which might possibly begin to take your reservation? If you make a reservation online, do they get back to you asap? And how do you communicate with the company, phone, email, SMS?
2. Do they know and understand where and when you want to be picked up and taken to?
Make sure the dates and locations are clear. If you arrive on the red-eye, make sure they know the departure date, that is sometimes more important than the arrival date, for example when the flight arrives just after midnight.
3. How much is it going to cost?
Many services charge hidden fees. Before 6AM or after 12 midnight may be subject to an after-hours charge. Is it necessary to tip the driver in the car? Or on the other hand-if you want to, can the driver be given an extra tip for extra special service if you decide to? Fuel surcharges, and extra fees may not be mentioned.
4. Are the cars late models, clean, luxury vehicles?
Is the car being used as the drivers living room, picnic bench, overnight cot? Many of the large fleets run their cars into the ground, trip after trip with no cleaning, no rest for the interior. Are you going to experience a luxury ride or an unintended culinary expedition?
5. Are the prices cheap like the service?Automotive managers instruct the staff that luxury service may not be for everyone. Automotive Luxury may be a few pennies more but ALS is well worth that money. Cheap comes cheaply (usually) in this business. You might question why/how a hotel can be so many dollars less but not why an expensive, highly insured vehicle is substantially lower for the same trip? You should. Sometimes you do get what you pay for!


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