Automotive Luxury Is Your Limo Service in NY

Automotive Luxury Service is your Limo Service (of choice) in New York and Manhattan.

It’s getting hot here in NYC and it’s not about the weather either.
Things certainly heating up on & off the Avenues!

Lot’s of rumors about the big “glossy brochure” guys being in trouble. Service lacking, drivers moaning, it’s a slow economy anyone???

Calls unanswered, dirty cars, old cars, dirty drivers, too young drivers, talkie talkie & belligerent drivers, lost drivers, nothing lost ever found by drivers, either?

Any of these issues mean anything to you? At ALS, the calls keep coming in, clients saying not only that they’ve heard good things about Automotive, BUT, with horror stories about some of the WELL KNOWN big boys.

No names will be mentioned here, just let the 30 years of service reflect our Automotive Luxury guaranty. No answering machine due to staffing cutbacks. No long on-hold wait times due to a company (who thinks they are) too big to answer your calls directly. No having to call back for weeks after your trip just to get your receipts.

Does it help that ALS is right here in Midtown Manhattan, with a garage and real transportation experts to assist you make educated travel plans? All day, all night?

Automotive Luxury isn’t going anywhere soon, rest assured. The same staff – over FIVE years with Automotive Service on average. Who you’ve grown accustomed and comfortable with. Clients love when they call and are recognized by their voice, and it’s not just the caller ID.

Personal Service just like it should be.

Automotive makes it easy for you to call and talk with someone to get advice on your travel plans.

Get a name and ask for the reservation staff you’re most comfortable with.

Remember those days? Try that with the rest of the world!

Give Automotive a buzz, tell us what you need or what kind of “Limo Service” you’re hot on.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service