Cost of Limo Service in NYC

What is the cost of Limo Service in New York City?

Automotive Luxury Limo & Car Service can provide a price quote, on-the-spot.
Just call our reservation staff and request a quick rate.
Prices vary, depending on the vehicle and the destination, but at this time, ALS is doing something new with rates and the way luxury travel is billed.

New Flat rates for the Airports and new Flat rates for a Point to Point Pickup and Drop off in Manhattan for specialty equipment. Gone are those three hour minimums- just for a short transfer service. Take a ride in a Stretch or a new Escalade from your Hotel to a Restaurant or from the Office to a Meeting. More “pay as you go” than pay through the n………….

You see how it works?

This has really made the phones ring, and several of our new clients have become “repeat regulars”, as they find these new rates unbeatable (for their needs) in the city! It’s not the same ol same old way of doing business.

At Automotive Service, clients, along with the crazy economy, made us take a look at the way customers were being charged-and had been charged, for as long as there has been “limo’s” in the limousine business.

Re-evaluated and re-priced.

No, Automotive Luxury is not for everyone. It’s a little more expensive than a cab or a radio group. If you’ve been following this blog and the Automotive Luxury website, you knew that already. With ALS, a slightly higher price is worth it.

Not having to stand on the street waiting for your call to be answered, or trying to locate your car in a sea of black cars and endless on-hold muzak.

So if you were thinking you can’t afford a Luxury ride, you might be wrong!
As they say, can you afford – not to call?

Got a destination, a quick trip? Give the ALS reservation staff – a call.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service