Group Travel Project meets NY Limo Company

Group Travel – Eight page spreadsheet with over 200 itineraries.
Sent on a Friday-Attendee’s arriving that Sunday.
Last minute?

Flights re-checked, co-shares, airlines kicking off new routes with mergers wreak havoc for flight info, cancellations – after confirmations.
Logistical Nightmares!

All of these describe what Automotive Luxury just completed for a large event planner from the Midwest. Lots of co-ordination and full time “hands-on” management on this one.

All finished up, with a happy ending and a promise to “abuse us” on their next NYC project.

In the same week – a project for a large Hotel Consortium with special requests, client pictures, towelettes, luxury water in the cars and so on. Other services had said, NO- we can’t do that! What? How? Why -wouldn’t they provide SERVICE?

Automotive Service did it. No biggie at all. Service, it is – what- we- provide.

Same week- a Gospel Group with Musical Instruments no less- and Forty Seven Choir members arrived at the airport. Five Stretch Limos and a Cargo van met and loaded them and took Forty Seven Gawking Choir members into the Big Apple for their first ever taste of the city that never sings…….oops…..sleeps.And lots more – all that week-so crazy that Automotive Luxury had almost no time to tweet or blog!

As the summer ends and the cool weather moves in, it is just the right time to leave the city for those lucky enough to have warmer places to visit or stay. Call Automotive Luxury whether you are a business traveler or a personal get-away artist, and let ALS do the work for you.

Take a ride out of town to view the foliage if you don’t like the hotter southern destinations.

Take a car and go Apple picking, there are plenty of places nearby to take a group of city folk for a nice day trip.

Automotive Luxury can provide a van for twelve would-be fruit pickers or binocular owners to load up and spend a day in the country. Smaller groups can take advantage of the Lincoln, Mercedes or BMW sized sedans for up to three comfy passengers.

Or if you’re five, six or seven escaper’s, take one of Automotive’s SUV’s- perfect for that off road experience…

Give us a call and we’ll show you how and where to go!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service.