Celebrity Clients-Shhhh-Don’t Tell Anyone

Corporate Clients?

Executive & Corporate Car Service NYC clients?
Sounds boring!

Celebrity clients? It certainly sells papers and keeps things interesting.

In the limo business most of the excitement isn’t that exciting!

Not that most executives and customers who take corporate car service in NYC aren’t exciting. But who pays attention to the average “hard working” limo client?

When you think of limos, you think Academy Awards, big black stretch limos pulling up to the red carpet! Celebrities take limos right?

So……… can Automotive mention that a few big & famous customers are a nice feather in the ALS (client list) cap.

It’s a bit like that phrase – you are the company you keep…..

Well Automotive can’t mention the big names. Hints maybe…..like…..

A singer-from Queens, NY -but well- they know more about the Golden Gate Bridge, ah……….

An actor, without a doubt at the peak of his holier than thou career.

Another actor -took his time getting into politics-counting counting.

A TV star turned Broadway actor-takes on some hazardous roles.

Broadway Actresses- a couple of Real Queens!

Politician and family -one of the biggest knights of the round table, in the news now.

Ok, Automotive can brag a little. Why? Because it means there’s a reputation for the service provided.

It doesn’t mean you, the average Joe, can’t take advantage of the corporate car & limo service that celebrities use.

So call ALS and book a car, limo for an airport trip, cruise terminal pickup, theater, dinner, round town ride to nowhere.
Get treated like the celebrity you really are when you call Automotive Luxury Car & Limo Service.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Camhi has been helping people book limousine and car service transportation for over 25 years. You can tap into his expertise here or by visiting NYC Car Service