What are the most unexpected reasons to hire a first class limo from a Limousine Rental Company

Top 6 Reasons to hire a Limousine Rental Company in NYC

OK, actually that title is a little misleading. It’s more like: “The reasons you many never have thought of  for hiring a limousine rental company — so we just had to share them with you.“

What are the most unexpected reasons to hire a first class limo from a Limousine Rental Company

You won’t believe some of the reasons People hire a Limousine Rental Company!

People hire a limousine rental company or corporate car service for any of several basic reasons: 1) to show off, 2) to hide, 3) to pamper, 4) to be productive.  So why do some people still only consider special, once-in-a-lifetime occasions like proms, weddings, or VIP events worthy of a first class limo ride?  Many simply don’t realize how affordable and easy it is to have a chauffeured, first class limo available for any occasion. So we thought we’d share some of the more less-traditional events for which people have chosen Automotive Luxury to help them celebrate:

  1.  Bringing home baby!

Yes, this is now a thing.  People are looking for a safe, stress-free way to transport mom and baby home from the hospital — and feel very special and pampered the whole time!  Hiring a Limousine Rental Company for an affordable limo ride or luxury corporate car service is the perfect solution.

Having a baby is one of the most joyous occasions of your life but all the excitement can leave mom and the family stressed and exhausted.  Imagine being escorted out of the hospital where a beautiful luxury limousine awaits mom and her newborn.  Our professional chauffeurs arrive with our clean and sanitized infant car seat(s) already installed or they will install yours. Mom and baby enjoy a safe and stress-free ride home from the hospital (along with dad if she’ll have him). Mom will be couched in luxury and treated as the VIP she really is.  She’ll arrive home relaxed and with an everlasting memory of baby’s first ride home.  How many kids these days get to say “My first car ride EVER was in a limo!” It also makes a wonderful memory for older siblings!  

  1. Moving Out – Moving up!

A couple’s son and wife moved out of their tiny apartment (which held an astounding amount of ‘stuff’) and into their first home last summer.  When moving week was finally over they were exhausted.  The couple gave them a gift of a chauffeured, first class limo ride to their favorite restaurant for dinner, then off to a movie, and back home again afterward.  When you think about it, getting your first home is a kind of graduation and also similar to landing your first job – so why not celebrate it as such?  When you’ve worked so hard coordinating, packing, lifting, carrying, and yes deciding to part with some things, it’s nice to let someone else do all the work, all the driving, and all the decision making, at least for one night.  Their moving day gift was the first of it’s kind for us but it need not be.  Treating someone you love to a corporate car service or first class limo is not just giving them an evening of fun, it’s giving them a memory to cherish in the years ahead.  

  1. Working party – Project night!

We had a team of graphic designers, photographers and writers inquire about our wedding limo rental service.  As it turns out there was no wedding. They’d decided to hire a limousine rental company or corporate car service to simply drive them around the city for the evening so they could work together in comfort and privacy.  It was a huge success for them!  The change of scenery out of the office was exactly what they needed and nobody had to host the work party at their apartment.  They had everything they needed to be creative and productive on their night out including WiFi, multiple flat screen TVs, USB and Accessory Ports for Smartphones and Tablets, to view and share content from their own devices.  

  1. Surprise Airport pickup

So the newlyweds are coming back from their honeymoon and are expecting you to pick them up at the airport. They’re thinking about having to drag all their baggage to the parking lot, load it into the car, and brace themselves for the long ride home.  Wow, what a surprise for them to discover that the honeymoon/vacation hasn’t quite ended yet because our professional chauffeur is waiting for them inside – ready to handle everything for them and let them enjoy an intimate, relaxing first class limo ride home!  And it’s not limited to honeymooners!  We’ve had kids arrange to surprise their parents returning from their overseas vacation. Imagine the entire welcoming party enjoying an airport limousine bus ride home!  No matter how mundane you think the occasion will be, an affordable limo from Automotive Luxury Corporate Car Service can turn it into a beautiful, everlasting memory.   

  1. Produce a movie!

You don’t need to be Casey Neistat to put together a great NYC YouTube video.  A group of photography and media arts students decided to rent a limo so they could create a video project of the NYC experience. Extravagant? No. Smart? Heck yeah. It worked out perfectly for them.  Each time they pulled up at a location they did their thing while the chauffeur waited on them, kept their gear safe, and planned ahead for the next stop.  For them it was the ultimate corporate car service experience.  They never had to think about parking, or carrying around all their gear, or leaving some of it unattended in a parked car.  Even better, before leaving for the next location they reviewed and edited their footage using their laptops and cameras to connect the flat screen TVs inside.  By the end of the day they realized that it would have taken several days or even a week to accomplish what they did in one afternoon and they weren’t even tired! They knew the experience would be fun but they also realized how much a first class limo service could boost their productivity.

  1. Inaugural Ride from the White House to the Capitol

Got your attention?  Well, actually the Secret Service has their own vehicles and no, they never asked us to transport the president but we thought we’d part with a tale of tradition since it’s an election year.  Did you know the outgoing President and the President Elect share morning coffee and then a traditional limo ride from the White House to the Capitol for the noon swearing-in ceremony?  Seriously, tradition dictates that they even have a specific side of the limo on which they ride; outgoing president on the right incoming on the left.  Makes you wonder, if Hillary wins, will she insist they take her Scooby van instead?  

Renting a NYC first class limo or an luxury corporate car service is not just for the rare, extravagant occasion and it’s certainly not only for the executive with a demanding schedule.  It’s for your occasion and your lifestyle as you design it. You don’t have to be a presidential candidate to receive the finest, professionally chauffeured corporate car service in NYC and the tri-state area.  No matter the reason, season, or need, we’ve got you covered.  No, we don’t have a Scooby Vanbulance for you but our luxury class NYC fleet does include luxury buses, luxury sedans and SUVs, stretch limos, custom vans, and more.  

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